Internet Marketing Success

Is Google Adwords more effective than Yellow pages advertising? Considering that a quarter page ad in Yellow pages was around $1250. For a small business, this was a lot of money. This budget put into Adwords Campaign could have great results.

“Why can’t I find my website on Google?" 

"Why can’t I find my website on other search engines?" 

"How can I get my website to show up on Google?”

These are common questions that many of our new customers have. The answers are unique to every website -we can help you find the answers. Contact us for a home page analysis (begins to help us formulate your internet marketing plan) in order to figure out what your website needs to rank higher (or rank at all!) on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.

The Goal of Internet Marketing:

To build traffic to your website and convert that traffic to customers.

List of Internet Marketing Services:

On-Page Optimization – We will analyze your current website code (for an existing website) or create specific code (on your new website) to assist Google to find and place your website in search engine results.

Keyword Research – We will help you to find “search phrases” that people are actually using in Google/Bing to increase traffic to your website.

Analytics – We will decipher the data that your website collects and teach you how to use this data.

Competition Research – We will analyze what your competition is doing for their web marketing and we will teach you to do it better.

Local Marketing Campaign – We will help you to submit your website (and other profiles) to specific directories, maps, other websites in order to create a local (i.e. close to your business's physical location) presence (which search engines love!).

Content Building – We will assist you to find the correct content for your website. This content will be built from keyword research, which we will use to enhance your website. Giving web searchers (your potential customers/clients!) quality content is Google's goal. We will help you implement these special keywords in all of your website marketing efforts.

PPC Campaigns - Pay Per Click or Google/Bing advertising – We might suggest you do this if you are having trouble ranking for a specific keyword phrase.

Website Usability/Accessibility - On page study of navigation, colors, ease of use. We can make recommendations for changes or enhancements to your current design. 

Aside from a well-optimized website, your primary web marketing strategy is to create unique, quality content. It is also important to publish that content regularly to your web pages. When you create unique content for your blog, business,  website, Twitter, or Facebook page, it is important for all clients to have a scheduled outflow of information to the web. Allow us to help you strategize your internet marketing, which will lead to greater success in your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We do only ethical SEO practices - no "black hat".

Understand Google Results Page(SERP).

Importance of High Search Engine Rankings.

Content Marketing Works.