Why are high rankings important on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)?

The answer to this question depends on your business. In the example below we use the search term "landscaping companies."

This example is based on organic results. To learn more about the results page and what the difference is between organic search, PPC, and local search, please see our understanding google results page.

First, organic results are what a business owner pays an SEO (search engine optimization) consultant to create higher rankings in Google, Yahoo, or bing. The reason a business owner wants to focus his/her marketing efforts on organic results can be found in this organic links go to first link study done in October of 2012. A person can see (in the first chart) that a much higher percentage of clicks goes to the organic search results versus the Pay Per Click results.

Second, in the same study, the chart shows 53% of the organic clicks go to the first result on the page. *

So, what does this mean in dollars?

Example, using the "landscaping companies" keyword phrase:

Let's say you own a landscaping company. You want to rank well for the search term "landscaping companies" because after researching you and your SEO consultant found that this keyword is searched 1000 times per month, with a first position click rate of 50%. This means that your website should receive 500 hits per month from this one keyword. After some time, you know that you convert these 500 hits to customers 5% of the time. You now have 25 new customers. Knowing from past that your average sale is $10,000, you now have $250,000 in new business.

Make Money with Google ResultsNow let us look at this for a website that ranks on the second or third page of the Search Engines Results Page (SERP). Usually these results get less than 1% of the traffic to their websites. With the same 1000 impressions, a 1% click through rate creates ten hits to your website. With the same 5% conversion rate, you now have maybe one new customer. With an average sale of $10,000, you made $10,000.

Compare these two scenarios... Which one is for you? AND how much is your internet marketing consultant worth?

Remember that every business has unique click through rates and conversion rates so your data and results will vary.

*Personal research data shows a number 1 google rank generally gets about 30%-35% click through rate.