Understanding Google Results Page - Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

If you understand the SERP, you will be better able to strategize your internet marketing. You will also better understand why you need to formulate an internet marketing plan.

There are 4 different areas on a Google results page.

1. Pay Per Click (PPC) results: This area is located at the highest position on the results page and is usually on the right side of the page as well.

2. Organic search results: Usually below Pay Per Click results. You can see on the results page to the left that Google has decided to put two organic listings on top of six local listings.

3. Local search results: These results get here by submitting your website to Google Places. Results are connected to the local map.

4. Map: Results are connected to the local search results.

These results pages can change depending on what search term you use. On this test, we used the term "landscaping companies". Google will automatically include local search results on the SERP.

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